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29 October, 2014
17:00 - 19:30

Location /
Room 10.2
Flinders University
Victoria Square Building

Cost / $20.00
+61 8 8221 5442

CSARN / The Criticality of Planning For Safer Cities


Brett Lovegrove MA FRSA FSyI FICPEM / 
Chief executive, CSARN and Former Head of Counter Terrorism City of London Police

This presentation will discuss the approach to making global cities safer, a process which is complex and involves a number of players. The presentation will explore the challenges facing the global society and will focus on some of the solutions that government, public and private sectors and the communities themselves should be adopting to develop a joined up and sustainable security strategy for the future.

What is CSARN Australia?
CSARN Australia is a not-for-profit network that aims to improve organisations’ resilience to the hazards that threaten the business and services sector. The CSARN Australia network offers members the opportunity to enhance resilience in partnership with the business community, government sector and community service groups. Through these interactions members are empowered to intelligently plan, communicate and practice resilient solutions to better protect their business from disruptive events such as natural disasters, major infrastructure failure, cybercrime and terrorism.
CSARN Australia has been established within the Torrens Resilience Institute and it is affiliated with the established and successful UK based CSARN, which has become a leading forum for members to network with one another on security and resilience matters.

What does CSARN Australia do?
CSARN Australia is of immense value to members, given the increasing number of disasters and other disruptive events which adversely affect organisations, and the communities in which they operate. Its focus is predominantly on issues and events in Australia and South East Asia, and also incorporates access to analysis of the potential impacts of wider global issues.

CSARN Australia is unique and distinct in offering support and advice to organisations specifically on resilience and security issues, and its activities complement those of the Trusted Information Sharing Network and are in line with the sentiments of the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience.

CSARN Australia provides its members with access to industry contacts and real time analysis of actual and emerging events. Each member of the CSARN Australia network will contribute their own experience and expertise and share lessons learned and new approaches to assure organisational resilience in a way which gives each member the information they need to better prepare themselves to these disruptive events.

CSARN Australia facilitates member networking in a range of ways, including newsletters, half and full day seminars, the CSARN Australia website and twitter.
CSARN is also pleased to announce its 2014 bi-monthly Speakers Program. The Speakers Program aims to bring members together in an informal setting to learn about and share their security and resilience experiences, with the opportunity for networking after the speaker.